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Demo Lecture


  • Recorded lectures

  • Quick Doubt Resolution

  • Complete syllabus covered

  • Assignments

  • E-Notes

  • Access till exam

  • Fee - Rs 4,500

  • Books - Mankiw

  • Syllabus - introductory microeconomics

Unit - 1
Introduction to economic trade-offs

Resources and opportunities, Gains from trade, Individual and society

Unit - 2 
How market works

Supply and demand, Price and resource allocation, Elasticity, Market, trade and welfare.

Unit 3
Role of government

Taxation, Public good, Inequality and poverty

Unit 4
Individual decision and interactions

Decision versus strategic interaction, How to think about strategic Interactions, Real life Final Examples. 

Referrence Books

Mankiw, N. G. (2018). Principles of Microeconomics 8th ed. 
Dixit, A. K., & Skeath, 5. (2015). Games of strategy: Fourth international student edition. WW Norton & Company.
Acernoglu, D., Laibson, D., & List, 1. (2017). Microeconomics. Pearson. 

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