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Crack the Score: Cover the Indian Economic Service Syllabus With Pro Tips

Indian Economic Service Coaching

The competition in the entrance examinations is increasing super-fast! The Indian Economic Service exam is a challenging exam to crack. But there are candidates who can manage it efficiently. The subject and understanding of the integral topics make an impact. Economics, as a subject, has a real-life applicability. Everything you see and hear in current affairs has an economic implication. An evolved understanding of the subject can help you crack your IES exam. It needs a competent strategy, mindset, and the assistance of the best Indian Economic Service Coaching Online

Know every bit – The foremost tip!

UPSC has clarified the Indian Economic Service syllabus in the official notification. Aspirants of the UPSC IES/ISS exam can cover all topics of the UPSC IES/ISS syllabus. The Union Public Service Commission conducts the Indian Economic Service or Indian Statistical Service examination every year. The UPSC IES/ISS syllabus comprises integral topics like – 

  • General English 

  • General and Indian Economics 

  • General Studies

The prescribed IES 2023 syllabus helps the candidates review the pattern and question types that may be asked in the final examination.

Side pass the learning obstacles

The syllabus for General Economics Paper 2 is vast. Covering everything with equal attention is impossible. Combine the study materials to sort the essentials. It needs internet reading and an efficient topic selection skill. Rely on Google and add the essential data from the Indian Economic Service Syllabus. Outperform your peers in the GE2 paper by focusing on Froyem for microeconomics and Salvatore for international economics. 

Balance the mental and physical exhaustion

A candidate must find the best ways to combat physical and mental pressure. One may lose the motivation to write the exams for the vast syllabus. Avoid mental fatigue and try not to think about the previous papers after the exam commences. Indulge in light physical activities in the evening and sleep early to perform the best.

It is a mental game – Implement an effective strategy

The examination journey is integral to managing efficiently. The outcome is unpredictable but you can try to maintain your confidence consistently. Remain prepared for everything and focus on the preparation journey rather than the result. It will help you remain calm all through. 

Focus on English to categorize the preparation to the next level. With an excellent knowledge base in English, earn an edge over others. Why? Because most candidates tend to ignore English during their preparation and focus exclusively on the four economics papers.

In the general studies part, the exam is divided into four parts - History, Geography, Economics, and Polity. Hence, economics gets covered while preparing for the rest of the papers. It provides mental relief for the aspirants.  


Summing note

Indeed, self-study is an excellent idea, but joining an online coaching center is vital to outperform the rest in the neck-to-neck competition. Access the best study material and mock test series to make the most of the expert guidance. Make a prudent choice by selecting the best coaching classes for your future!

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