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Cracking IAS with Economics Optional: Proven Tips & Guidance

Updated: Feb 20

What is IAS Economics Optional all about ?

When it comes to optional subjects then there are many subjects for sure and Economics is definitely among one of the popular optional subjects for UPSC aspirants especially for those who pursued economics in their graduation.

Coming to the success rate then yes in recent years the subject enjoyed a decent success rate as well which has further enhanced the confidence among the students for the subject as a optional.

Reasons to choose IAS Economics Optional ?

Different people will you different perspective, direction, reasoning and rational for choosing Economics as your optional subject for IAS. Here are some common factors for opting economics optional for your UPSC Mains:

  1. Subject: Economics is more practical, rational and logical in nature which allows you to think over concepts and understating.

  2. Syllabus: When its concept or logic based subject then answers are not left on interpretation which makes sure you get justified marks. The syllabus is clear-cut and specific.

  3. Coverage: The subject actually covers more than 50% of the UPSC GS 3 syllabus. This overlapping saves time and effort.

  4. Study material: There are many authors and there books and other resource materials which are fairly easily available in the market or online as well.

IAS Economics Optional Past Year Solution

IAS Economics Optional Tips & Guidance

Difference aspirants can have different strategies., however all are suggested to study with a plan if you wish to clear the IAS exam with any optional subject. Here are certain points which you should remember while preparing for the IAS economics optional:

  1. Notes: Have a habit of making notes while you are preparing. This will help you in revision also.

  2. Conceptual Clarity: We at ArthaPoint Plus always emphasis on conceptual clarity. This is must and most important.

  3. Syllabus Coverage: Preparation is incomplete with covering the syllabus thoroughly. Create a plan or time table. Follow that and study accordingly.

  4. Past Years Papers: Its equally important to go through past year question papers. It gives you a proper idea about the type of questions and quality of it.

  5. Practice diagrams: Answer writing involves various aspects and using diagram is one of them. In economics, you have diagrams almost at every stage. Therefore, its important to practice them as it will fetch better marks.

  6. Economists: We all know its tough to remember names and especially foreign authors or economists but writing answer and quoting any law or theory by using the economists name: is a good way to presenting your answer. Therefore, while preparing if possible then do try to remember the names of famous economists and their respective theories and models.

  7. Data: Economics is also a subject of numbers as well. You can learn or go through certain data or charts for different topics. You can use this again for better answer writing. However, important to note that you use the correct and relevant data only.

Hope this blog was helpful for all. For any details regarding the IAS Economics Optional Course feel free to contact us at 8368663950.

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