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Know the Indian Economic Service Syllabus to Crack the Exam

Updated: Feb 20

Indian Economic Service Syllabus

One of the most vital aspects of any examination is its syllabus. You must know the complete syllabus to perform well in any examination. The Indian Economic Service is no different. You must be aware of the Indian Economic Service Syllabus to give best performance for the exam. The following are some of the ways that the syllabus can help you to crack the entrance examination.

Exact things to learn

Irrespective of the exam you are preparing, your preparation can never be spot on until you know the syllabus in detail. You must be aware of all the subjects and all their chapters. Hence, the first step to begin your preparation for the Indian Economic Service is to make a complete analysis of the entire syllabus, the crucial aspects of the syllabus, the things that you need to learn, the information sources, and the books to refer, parts that can fetch you most marks, etc. 

Question paper pattern

Detailed syllabus awareness will allow you to assess the question paper type. You will understand and relate to the different question paper segments better can plan better regarding the question paper segments where you will concentrate more to fetch as many marks as possible. Since the Indian Economic Service is a competitive examination, you must think on ways to score maximum marks for the best performance possible.

Marks distribution

Always tally the syllabus and the question paper to understand the marks distribution. There will be lengthy questions with more marks per unit and small questions with fewer marks. Experts often say that you must concentrate on the MCQ; or the objective questions to score the most in the examinations. You must combine an intelligent and hard-working approach to perform your best in the examination.

Previous year questions

The Indian Economic Service Coaching Online classes are some of the best places from where you can get a clear idea about the complete Indian Economic Service syllabus. You can also visit the official website to get the updated syllabus. Discuss with aspirants who have appeared for the exam in the previous years. New and improvising changes are made to the syllabus every year. Hence, all candidates must be alert and work only on the recent and updated syllabus.

Expert answers

Once you are aware of the Indian Economic Service Syllabus and have the question papers in hand, the next thing must do is concentrate on answering the questions. Follow the coaching center online classes where the mock test papers are not only given to the students, but the teachers help the students solve them optimally. The faculty members will discuss the answers to the paper and the best way to approach the paper to get maximum marks. 

Practice regularly

Once you have the syllabus be sure to practice it regularly. Always keep a timeline and date line by when you will complete the first revision round and begin with the second revision round. Read current affairs for optimal benefit.

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