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ArthaPoint - UGC NET Commerce

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  • Complete Paper 2 will be covered as part of the syllabus

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ArthaPoint - UGC NET

  • Business Environment and International Business.

  • Accounting and Auditing.

  • Business Economics.

  • Business Finance.

  • Business Statistics and Research Methods.

  • Business Management and Human Resource Management.

  • Banking and Financial Institutions.

  • Marketing Management.

  • Legal Aspects of Business.

  • Income-tax and Corporate Tax Planning.

ArthaPoint - UGC NET  

Unit 1 - Business Environment and International Business.

  • Concept and elements of the business environment.

  • The political environment, the role of govt. in business.

  • Importance of International Business & Theories of International Trade.

  • India’s Foreign Trade Policy.

Economic environment and Economic systems.

Unit 2 - Accounting and Auditing.

  • Basic accounting principles; concepts and postulates.

  • Partnership account.

  • Corporate accounting, issue of shares, liquidation, etc.

  • Acquisition, merger and amalgamation, and reconstruction of companies, holding company accounts.

  • Financial statement analysis; ratio analysis; fund flow statement, cash flow statement.

Unit 3 - Business Economics

  • Demand analysis; Law of demand & elasticity.

  • Consumer behavior; utility analysis, Indifference curve analysis.

  • Law of variable proportions; Law of return to scale.

  • Price determination under different market forms.

  • Perfect competition; Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly, and Monopoly.

Unit 4 Business Finance

  • Scope and source of finance; Lease financing.

  • Demand analysis; Law of demand & elasticity.

  • Cost of capital and time value of money.

  • Working capital management; dividend decision: theories and policies.

  • Capital structure & Capital budgeting decisions.

Unit 5 - Business Statistics and Research Methods

  • The measure of central tendency.

  • Measures of dispersion.

  • Correlation and regression of two variables.

  • Hypothesis testing along with different tests; z test, t-test, ANOVA, chi-square test.

  • Research: concept and types; research designs.

Unit 6 Business Management and Human Resource Management.

  • Motivation and leadership: concept and theories.

  • Principles and functions of management.

  • Human resource management: concept, role, and functions.

  • Compensation management: job evaluation, incentive & performance appraisal.

  • Organizational culture: Organizational development and Organizational change.

Unit 7 Banking and Financial Institutions

  • Banking sector reforms in India.

  • Reserve bank of India: functions & role.

  • Internet banking: mobile banking: Digital payments systems.

  • Types of banks: Commercial banks, RRBs; Foreign banks; Corporative banks.

  • Financial institutions, NBFCs, Mutual Funds & Pension Funds.

Unit 8 Marketing Management.

  • Distribution decisions: Channels of distribution: channel management.

  • Product decisions: Product life cycle and New Product Development.

  • Financial markets: Money market; Capital market.

  • Marketing: concept and approaches.

  • Logistics management.

Unit 9 Legal Aspects of Business.

  • Indian Contract Act, 1872.

  • Financial markets: Money market; Capital market.

  • Companies Act, 2013.

  • Information Technology Act, 2000.

  • RTI Act, 2005

Unit 10 Income-tax and Corporate Tax Planning.

  • Basic concepts; Residential status and tax incidence.

  • Financial markets: Money market; Capital market.

  • Computation of taxable income under various heads.

  • International Taxation: Double taxation and its avoidance mechanism; transfer pricing.

  • Tax considerations in specific business situations: make or buy decisions; own or lease an asset, etc.

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