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CS 1 Actuarial Statistics Coaching

Welcome to ArthaPoint Plus, the premier destination for CS 1 Actuarial Statistics Coaching online. ArthaPoint offers the best course content & resources for cracking CS 1 Actuarial Statistics exam.


CS 1 Actuarial Statistics Coaching

Embark on a transformative journey toward success with our unparalleled CS 1 Actuarial Coaching program. At ArthaPoint Plus, we take pride in being the beacon of excellence, guiding aspiring economists to conquer the CS 1 Actuarial examination and shape their academic futures. The curriculum is meticulously crafted, covering all facets of the CS 1 Actuarial syllabus, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the material. Our cutting-edge study material, regularly updated to align with the latest exam trends, ensures that you are well-prepared to excel in the CS 1 Actuarial examination.

  • Learn from Leading MNC Data Scientist

  • Video Lectures

  • E-Notes

  • Assignments

  • Mock Tests

  • Access anytime from anywhere through mobile or Laptop 

  • Fee - Rs 19,500/-

CS 1 Actuarial Statistics Coaching

CS 1 Actuarial Statistics Coaching

CS 1 Actuarial Statistics Syllabus

1 Random variables and distributions (20%)

2 Data analysis (10%)

3 Statistical inference (25%)

4 Regression theory and applications (30%)

5 Bayesian statistics (15%)

CS 1 Actuarial Statistics Assessment

Assessment consists of a combination of a one-hour and forty-five-minute computer-based data analysis and statistical modelling assignment and a three-hour and fifteen-minute written examination.

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