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Indian Economics Service Coaching 2025 
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Indian Economic Service Coaching

ABOUT : Indian Economic Service (IES)

IES (Indian Economic Service) is the administrative inter-ministerial civil service under Group A of the Central Civil Services of the executive branch of the Government of India.

The role of the service can be generally classified in terms of economic advice, economic administration, execution of development policy and programs, along with others roles like price fixation, regulation, economic reforms, as well as monitoring and evaluation.

The Service plays a significant role in the globalizing environment where decision-making is highly directed by the economic. The IES is always playing its role in making a crucial contribution towards policy-making in social sectors.

The Indian Economic Service (IES) is exposed to almost all the sectors of government functioning. The officers in the Indian Economic Service play a versatile role of an in-house economist with experience and domain knowledge.

PATTERN : Indian Economic Service (IES)

The exam is divided into two parts:

  • Part I -  Written examination for 1000 marks divided across subjects mentioned below.

  • Part II - Viva Voce (interview) for 200 marks of candidates who will be shortlisted by UPSC.

Part I: Written Examination

The written exam of 3 Hours each, will consist of the following subject and the maximum marks allotted to each subject/paper will be as follows:

1. General English  - 100 Marks

2. General Studies  - 100 Marks

3. General Economics - I  - 200 Marks

4. General Economics - II  - 200 Marks

5. General Economics- III - 200 Marks

6. Indian Economics - 200 Marks


Part II: Interview for 200 marks when shortlisted by UPSC

ELIGIBILITY : Indian Economic Service (IES)

A candidate for the Indian Economic Service (IES) must hold a postgraduate degree in Business Economics or Economics or Econometrics or Applied Economics.

The postgraduate degree must have been issued by a university recognised by the state or central legislature.



  • Candidate must be a citizen of India; or

  • Candidate must be a subject of Nepal; or

  • Candidate must be a subject of Bhutan; or

  • Candidate must be a Tibetan Refugee who moved to India before 1st January 1962 for permanently settling in India.

  • Candidate must be a person of Indian origin migrated from Burma, Pakistan, East African Countries of Kenya, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Zambia, the United Republic of Tanzania, Zaire, Malawi, Vietnam or Ethiopia with intentions of permanently settling in India.

What ArthaPoint Plus Provides as an Indian Economic Service Classes

1. Hybrid Mode
2. Complete syllabus with all topics covered
3. Complete study materials provided
4. From Basic Level
5. Quick doubt resolutions 
6. Weekly Assignments
7. Mock tests series
8. Current Affairs 
9. Access to videos for one complete year or date of exam whichever is earlier.

*General Economics-I, II, III and Indian Economics

Indian Economic Service SYLLABUS

ArthaPoint Plus Provides full Indian Economic Service Syllabus and advice for preperation of Indian Economics Service Exam. Enroll Today to get access of Indian Economic Service Past Year Question Solutions and expert advice.



1. Theory of Consumer’s Demand

2. Theory of Production

3. Theory of Value

4. Theory of Distribution

5. Welfare Economics

PART B : Quantitative Methods in Economics

1. Mathematical Methods in Economics

2. Statistical and Econometric Methods


1. History of development and planning

2. Federal Finance

3. Budgeting and Fiscal Policy

4. Poverty, Unemployment and Human Development

5. Agriculture and Rural Development Strategies

6. India’s experience with Urbanisation and Migration

7. Industry: Strategy of industrial development

8. Labour Employment,

9. Foreign trade

10. Money and Banking

11. Inflation

1. Economic Thought :

2. Concept of National Income and Social Accounting


3. Theory of employment, Output, Inflation, Money and Finance


4. Financial and Capital Market


5. Economic Growth and Development


6. International Economics :


7. Balance of Payments


8. Global Institutions



1. Public Finance


2. Environmental Economics


3. Industrial Economics


4. State, Market and Planning


DEMO classes : Indian Economic Service(IES)

FACULTY : Indian Economic Service(IES)

Our faculty Mrs Arzoo Sabharwal Ma'am is a highly qualified former Delhi University Professor who completed Master's in Economics from Delhi School of Economics. She has also been a guest lecturer at many reputed MBA institutes.

For teaching, we have gone through several books and journals both national and international, and gathered all the information so that it can presented and accessible to the student. The entire study material is prepared from very basic level so that every student can understand every topic from the syllabus. Besides the theory being extensively discussed, an enormous collection of problems has been added so that the student can learn to apply the concepts over a diverse spectrum of difficulty. All the problems have been worked out thoroughly so that in case the student gets stuck, we've got you covered! 

Students who are interested in economics as a topic might consider applying for the Indian Economic Service Online Coaching in India. Economics is a dynamic subject that is utilised to make national policy. The IES test not only gives a student access to policymaking and economic engagement but also fulfils desires for professional dignity.

At ArthaPoint, students will be given a detailed description of various career options, analytical skills, tricks, and methods to easily solve highly competitive examinations using ArthaPoint'S study materials and video content, giving them an advantage over other students.

Well, to be honest, this should not be a feature; it is required of any institute that assists in completing the course entirely; nonetheless, we attempt to go one step deeper in each area to provide a greater comprehension of the course.

We must comprehend that the IES course is more in-depth than the IAS Economics mains; thus, our preparation should be more serious. Furthermore, the expectation from an IES candidate is up to the postgraduate level in Economics, as opposed to IAS Economics, where the expectation is merely at the undergraduate level. ArthaPoint assists you in completely preparing for the Indian Economic Service Courses in India.

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